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Introducing the enhanced 1276 Gen2 pre/limiter, a modern channel strip that beautifully captures the nostalgia of vintage recording. Drawing inspiration from its successful predecessor, the 1276 Gen2 elevates your recordings to new heights, evoking the timeless charm of classic audio production. This exquisite channel strip combines a discrete preamplifier and a powerful FET limiter, working harmoniously to bestow upon you an unparalleled audio journey.Experience unmatched sonic richness and clarity with the preamplifier, offering an impressive 65dB of gain and an unparalleled harmonic saturation. Meanwhile, the mid forward FET limiter excels in dynamic recording environments, effortlessly compressing signals without sacrificing their natural dynamics. Whether it’s vocals, guitars, bass, or drums, the 1276 Gen2 is the go-to choice for a wide range of audio sources, particularly excelling in capturing the intricate nuances of lead vocals. Discover how the 1276 Gen2 can elevate your recordings to the next level.

This thing is amazing, hands down one of the best units i've used. A must have for vocal recordings!

Walter Scott (Producer)

Your New Go-To Mic & Compressor

A visual representation of what's going on in the box

Below is a side by side comparison of the 1276's harmonic character versus the Avalon VT-737SP channel strip.

Harmonic distortion, or more commonly known as “color” is the secret sauce to good gear. This visual representation shows how diverse the 1276’s harmonic saturation is. Each peak represents an octave of the fundamental tone. In this case, we ran an 80Hz sine wave through each unit to clearly define where the harmonics are generated.

1276 Mic Preamplifier only

Avalon VT-737SP Mic Preamplifier only


The 1276 features an inductor high pass filter that helps get rid of unwanted low-frequency sounds. This filter is designed to reduce the energy of low bass notes in a smooth and gradual way. We carefully studied where to put this filter in the audio system, and we decided to place it between two important parts of the device: the preamp and the output volume control. This way, the filter can work effectively by removing the low bass sounds while still preserving the richness and depth of the overall audio.