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1290 4 channel preamplifier

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Quick description

The 1290 mic pre with additional track count. We took the famous line driver amplifier and repurposed it for a mic preamplifier application. This unit does all the harmonic saturation you’d expect from a British style preamplifier. Perfect for a multi source recording application. 

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Get ready to revolutionize your front end with the extraordinary 1290. This powerhouse unit is designed to exceed your expectations, delivering exceptional performance that will leave you speechless. Say goodbye to signal boosters and hello to unparalleled audio excellence.

Experience the remarkable high gain design of the 1290, capable of handling virtually any microphone with ease. Even the low-output SM7B shines, capturing every nuance without the need for additional signal boosters. Embrace the freedom to unleash your creativity, knowing that your audio will always be captured flawlessly.

Take control like never before with the fully variable input gain switch and variable output trim. Fine-tune your sound with precision, effortlessly dialing in the perfect balance. The 1290 puts the power in your hands, allowing you to shape your audio with unparalleled control.

Indulge in the exceptional harmonic saturation delivered by the 1290’s unique 3-gain stage topography. Your recordings will come alive with an edge that sets them apart from the rest. Discover a new dimension of richness and depth, as the 1290 infuses your material with perfect harmonic balance.

Let the 1290 redefine your bass guitar and vocal recordings. Its ability to produce additional low-frequency harmonics adds warmth and depth to every note. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless recordings, and welcome a new level of sonic excellence that will elevate your music to breathtaking heights.

Expand your creative possibilities with the 4-channel track count of the 1290. Capture group vocals, drums, and multiple sources with ease, all while maintaining uncompromising quality. The 1290 goes above and beyond, providing the flexibility you need to unleash your creativity without limits.

Embrace the added convenience of the 1290’s built-in features. The inclusion of a phantom power switch for condenser mics, an input PAD switch to reduce input levels by 20 dB, and a phase inversion option enhances your workflow, making every recording session a breeze.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Elevate your sound to extraordinary heights with the 1290. Unleash its sonic power and experience a world of unparalleled audio excellence. Join the ranks of elite producers and musicians who trust the 1290 to deliver flawless recordings every time.


    • High quality hand picked components
    • Specially selected and matched transistors
    • Variable input gain and output trim control
    • Phantom power switch
    • Input PAD (-20dB)
    • Phase inversion
    • 4 channel unit
    • XLR input and output connections
    • 2u chassis design
    • Internal PSU with status LED
Weight 8,9 kg
Dimensions 35 × 48,26 × 85,5 cm

120v mains, 220v mains


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