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The classic 76 FET limiter that uses all that harmonic saturation you’d expect from the famous FET circuitry. An excellent asset for tracking and mixing applications. 

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Prepare to be transported back in time with our exceptional LA2A, an homage to the legendary 1978 tube optical limiter. Meticulously crafted, our design faithfully follows the original signal path while incorporating a few strategic modifications to elevate the signal-to-noise ratio and frequency response. Brace yourself for an audio journey that captures the essence of the past while embracing the future of sound.

The LA2A embodies the spirit of classic craftsmanship, utilizing the renowned 12AX7/12BH7 signal tubes and 12AX7/6AQ5 sidechain tubes. These meticulously chosen components breathe life into your audio, infusing it with warmth, character, and unmistakable vintage charm. Prepare to be swept away by a sound that harkens back to the golden age of music.

At the heart of the LA2A lies the high-end Lundahl transformer bundle, meticulously engineered to deliver that quintessential “vintage” style sound. Experience the richness, depth, and unmistakable character that only true vintage equipment can provide. Your music will come alive with a level of authenticity that is simply unparalleled.

To ensure an authentic replication of the original 2A, we’ve gone the extra mile by creating a custom-made T4B replica for the optical cell. Using original-style photocell resistors, this precision-crafted component faithfully follows the compression curve of its predecessor. Prepare to be amazed as your audio breathes and evolves with unparalleled dynamics and responsiveness.

The LA2A is your gateway to rediscovering vintage brilliance. Immerse yourself in the timeless soundscapes of the past, while enjoying the benefits of modern engineering and precision. Elevate your music to new heights of nostalgia and emotion. Don’t miss your chance to own this iconic piece of audio history. Step into the world of the LA2A and unlock a treasure trove of sonic wonders today!


  • High quality NOS tubes
  • 1:1 audio path to the original 1978 model
  • Mono channel
  • XLR input and output connections
  • Large back-light VU meter
  • High gain audio circuit
  • Custom DC regulated power supply
  • Transformer balanced signal
  • Classic look and feel
Weight 8,9 kg
Dimensions 35 × 48,26 × 85,5 cm

120v mains, 220v mains


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