HoneyBadger Audio

About the SW-2

The SW-2 is an all analog 4 band solid state EQ built for mixing and mastering purposes. The design features all switches frequency and gain settings, making this a great unit for recalling and multi session work. The SW-2 includes a mid-side control, giving you increased flexibility while introducing a different dynamic into your mixing process.

The low and high bands feature a bell or shelf mode sloped at 6dB per octave, while two mid bands are fully parametric, perfect for sculpting or using broad strokes. Pushing the sides of the audio spectrum ever so slightly was our aim when designing the unit. We wanted something that brought a more 3-dimensional aspect to the music.

Your New Go-To Mic & Compressor

A visual representation of what's going on in the box

Below is a side by side comparison of the 1276's harmonic character versus the Avalon VT-737SP channel strip.

1276 Mic Preamplifier only

Avalon VT-737SP Mic Preamplifier only

1276 Pre+Limiter @10dB reduction

Avalon VT-737SP pre+limiter @10dB reduction

What are harmonics?

Harmonic distortion, or more commonly known in the marketing world as “color” is the secret sauce to good gear. Here you can see a visual representation of how diverse the harmonic saturation is from the 1276. Each peak represents an octave of the fundamental tone. In this case we ran an 80Hz sine wave through each unit to clearly define where the harmonics are generated.