High Voltage PSU

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The HV PSU is excellent companion for our Tube DIY projects or any other high voltage project you may have. The PCB includes three independent voltage rails, great for powering tubes along with other peripherals. Footprints include thermal ventilation for heat sinks and high wattage resistors.


  • 3 regulated voltage rails to cover most power requirements.
  • 1 high voltage rail capable of delivering up to 400v @ 50mA *based on input transformer
  • 1 Tube heater regulator delivering 6.3v @ 4A
  • 1 companion regulator variable from 3-32v @ 1.5A perfect for lights and relay control.
  • 3 independent status lights for visual voltage check.
  • Independent ground planes for star grounding or ground lift options.

PCB only, PCB + parts


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