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4k stereo EQ

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The dual mono solid state EQ that adds width while being musically silky sounding. Great on Everything, seriously.

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Introducing the remarkable 4K EQ, a 2-channel solid-state marvel that brings silky smooth curves to your audio. Its classic design exudes familiarity, ready to elevate your sound with a touch of nostalgia. Embark on a creative journey like no other and explore the depths of sonic mastery.

With its 4-band configuration, the 4K EQ offers unmatched precision in shaping your audio. The variable Q factor in the two mid bands allows for fine adjustments, from gentle enhancements to surgical precision. Sculpt your sound with finesse and unleash your creativity.

Versatility is at your fingertips with the 4K EQ. The high and low bands provide both shelf and bell modes, delivering adaptability for tracking and mixing. Add warmth, depth, or sparkling brilliance to your tracks and explore endless creative possibilities in every mix.

Immerse yourself in sonic splendor as the symmetrical design and high-end components enhance the stereo image of your audio. Experience captivating depth and width that transcends ordinary boundaries. From the moment you engage this masterpiece, your sound will captivate and mesmerize.

Convenience meets precision with the true bypass feature, allowing easy A/B comparison at the flip of a switch. Fine-tune your sound and find the perfect balance for your mix. Take control of your creativity and explore new horizons.

Unleash your imagination with the fully variable controls of the 4K EQ. From subtle nuances to dramatic transformations, this extraordinary tool empowers you with endless creative possibilities. Elevate your music to breathtaking heights and leave your listeners in awe of your sonic craftsmanship.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Step into the extraordinary world of the 4K EQ and unleash your creative potential. Elevate your sound, captivate your audience, and redefine the boundaries of sonic excellence. Get your hands on the 4K EQ today and experience the true power of creative expression!


  • High quality components
  • Specially selected opamps and capacitors
  • Dual mono unit
  • XLR input and output connections
  • 1u chassis design for reduced rack-space
  • Classic controls and look
  • Low band: 30-450Hz
  • Mid band 1: 200Hz-2.5KHz
  • Mid band 2: 600Hz-7KHz
  • High band: 1.5KHz-16KHz
  • Gain stages: Low +2x mid bands ±18dB
  • High band: ±10dB
Weight 8,9 kg
Dimensions 35 × 48,26 × 85,5 cm

120v mains, 220v mains


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