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EQP-1A Dual mono PCB



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This is a high voltage project with potentially lethal voltages, builders must beware and pay close attention when constructing this project.

Soldering Skills 65%

65% 65%

Assembly & Wiring 70%

70% 70%

Calibration 25%

25% 25%

Our EQP-1A is the curation of years of trial and testing of various Pultec copies. Our versionĀ  is a 1:1 of the original 1970’s signal path in a dual mono format. Packed in one PCB we have 6 audio transformers, 3 tubes and the famous mid-band inductor. The depth and clarity of the pultec makes it an essential tool for vocals, guitars among many other sources. We designed the PCB so that you can wire any switch and potentiometer.


  • Footprints for Sowter transformers
  • Original 1:1 signal path of original 1970’s version
  • Large footprint film capacitors for Panasonic or WIMA
  • Tube regulated high voltage power supply
  • On board DC regulated heater regulator
  • High voltage design
  • Breakaway PCB’s for front-panel switches
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PCB only, PCB + parts


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